A downloadable game for Windows

CIRCLE OF FATE is about a troubled protagonist named Vaius. He is destined to become a great hero, but is selfish, careless and violent. Will he succeed despite his flaws? Will he change? Does it matter that he change?

Vaius has spent most of his life outcasted and unfulfilled. He watches his friends achieve their dreams, and is unable to live the ideal he has for himself. His village condemns him because he is from outside the wall, his black hair and blue eyes strikingly different from the fair haired, fair skinned folk around him.

He resorts to violence, solitude and coldness, unable to envision a real future due to all the limitations placed upon him. His criminal behaviour causes him to stay confined in his village, and confined in his role simply just to marry and toil on a farm.

In his sleep, a strange figure named Maya tells him he will become a great hero. He turns to a world of escapism, as these dreams become larger than his own boring life.

When she comes to life and burns down his village, Vaius is determined to become this hero. Though Maya has set her heart on saving the world, Vaius has a much different other use of his power.


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